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Well I am not much of a relatioship expert. But do you know what is romantic ? Well my notes in my phone are filled with texts I wrote you and sent you, words I translated to you from English to Hebrew and sent you. I keep all of these notes. My cloock shows Israel and London time as well. I miss you most of the time, and I am always waiting for notifictions from your feeds. You live inside my heart,and I constantly care and worried about you. And when I miss you I just go and watch one of your footages, and when you talk I put the whole world on mute for you. or I just go and read again something you wrote. I just love to get back into substack and read you over and over again. You might ask yourself why do I write all of this, publically. Because as you often would say "why not ?".And there is nothing like this very moment in life. We never know what's coming...World apademic, War.

In that event, in Jaffa, I wanted to stop time, and I wanted to have a long walk and talk with you, in English or Hebrew, as I have so much to say to you, and wishing you would say something funny that will take all our embaresment away (btw my name, Rivi is short for Rivka, who was my grandmother).

So happy valentine to you, Love. Happy Valentine.

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