Hello. I'm an Oscar nominated writer. I wrote Borat 2 and Who Is America. I'm currently writing comedy feature films and scripted stuff for TV. Yet still I must write more. If you follow my writing on Jews, Israel, antisemitism, politics, film, literature, art, food, trees, animals and any other silly thing that captivates me on instagram or twitter - you'll probably have noticed I'm pretty prolific. Things I'd post there, will now be here. It'll allow me to present ideas to you in a more thoughtful and crafted manner, and to curate things in a more coherent way.

I’ll also be sharing exclusive tips and insights on how to make it in the creative industries. I managed to make it to the Oscars without having an agent or manager so I must have a useful trick or two.

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I’m an Oscar nominated writer with a human soul and feet. I write silly things, and occasionally sweet things and also have an interest in Jewish topics.