You shouldn’t be alone at all right now. It truly sound like PTSD. So glad you are getting help. Thank you for sharing your struggle.

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Sending you a big hug. During the first week after October 7th I asked myself ,were are my tears, I wanted to cry, but tears didn't came out. After a week all the tears just burst out. I exposed myself slowly to the horifying images, knowing that although I want to see them , on one hand, I can't, because it was too painful to watch.

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I am sorry for your pain. Thank you for writing this. Your work is important.

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I have so much to say...

Can’t say on an open forum.

Everything you are experiencing is natural.

I spent 15 months in combat zone in Afg.

I have loads of experience if you wanna confidential chat. Not in a pervy way-in an human to human understanding way. You’re not alone (in theory).

This coming from a woman who worked directly with troops AND local afghan men. I have stories.

Cheers! Hang in there. You’re doing important work, just don’t burn out.

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