The above video (2mins long) is a short film I made 10 years ago. My “career” began making short lo-fi documentaries. They were warm, humourous, hopefully charming, ramshackle films capturing a little bit of the magic I feel in the mundane. At the time I was trying to pursue what I labelled a spiritual language for atheists. They were authored pieces in which footage was attached to a voiceover I’d written in advance. Within the edit I’d tweak the voiceover or make up new bits so that it all felt “right” to me - in the same way there’s no correct way to arrange some flowers but you know when it feels right. Anyway, at some point in this first phase of my career, before I’d moved into comedy, I got jaded with repeating that style of film. One day, in order to feel fresh contact with film-making I went out and captured random images and then spontaneously made up a narrative in the edit. The result I think is silly but hopefully a bit lyrical and with some feeling. It also features maybe one of my favourite pieces of music. If I was to ever go back to making films I think I’d only do it with this method. I enjoy having no plan or idea what I’m going to make. In a way there’s more security as I just have to exercise trust and faith and cannot be let down or disappointed or fail. I work with whatever is presented. In a strange way it also feels less like working alone. If I plan a piece of art then it’s all me. If I don’t plan anything and just go with it in the moment - it’s no longer on my shoulders - I’m in collaboration with whatever bits of existence partner with me in the moment. Anyway, hope you’re all well. Hope you enjoy Tale of an Idiot. Please do subscribe and share. I really appreciate it.

Lee Kern