Oct 10, 2022

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Today: a short video above - and below - a round up of my thoughts on Kanye.

Firstly, in case you missed it, here’s the peak of Kanye’s antisemitism this week:

Here are my reactions, bullet pointed for ease:

  • I see Kanye West has gone full on antisemitic Black Hebrew Israelite cult and is promising us the treat of going “death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE.” This shit doesn’t end. We get it in every direction: Nazis, the hard left, Islamists, conspiracy theorists and c**** like this. Fuck. Them. All.

  • My favourite bit of Kanye’s antisemitism is that he had to put his pyjamas on and have a warm cup of cocoa and a good sleepy-bye-byes before he could be all fresh to be a big boy racist in the morning…

  • Calling for a war on Jews isn’t a symptom of mental illness - it’s a symptom of racism that exists in society and which people - unwell or not - actually believe and are seduced by. There are plenty of people with mental health issues that don’t call for a war on Jews. There is zero reason for people not to challenge and destroy the absurd, racist, bullshit ideas Kanye spreads to millions.

  • Someone using the word “agenda” is a good indication that they’re a wanker and what they’re about to say are the thoughts of a wanker. Kanye illustrates that he is such a wanker with his anti-Jewish conspiracies and declaration of war against us. To get a compendium of the other key words that denote a conspiratorial wanker, listen to a Russell Brand podcast.

  • You should challenge racism wherever it appears. Any opinion that attempts to persuade you otherwise is absolute bollocks coming from an idiot whose mind has been filled with the lukewarm bilge that flows from the arse-gutter of America’s most stupid, crank-headed morons. The suggestion that you can’t full-throatedly call out bigotry because the bigot in question may possesses a certain ethnicity, skin colour, gender, sexuality or religious persuasion is ridiculous and everyone knows it with every ounce of their being. Either a value is universal and you apply it universally - or fuck off like the patronising, actual racist that you are. Those suggesting that the victims of one kind of racism can’t be the perpetrators of another kind is a moron. They are not the would-be architect of a better world but the confused advocates of an awful world. Mostly, they are apologists for racism who use racism to excuse racism. Never forget:

    2 + 2 does not = 5

    Racism + some convoluted crap still = racism.

  • Antisemites are morons. Call them out without pity. Have some self-respect and pride.

  • I want to take this as another opportunity to throw down the gauntlet to American Jews who work in show business. A lot of you have been absolute coward pussies not calling out bullshit from your peers. I put my people and anti-racism before my career. Do you?

  • It honestly is a joke what we see from many American Jewish celebrities who garb themselves in such pompous self-regard. And the way they will attach themselves, legitimately, to every cause, yet are simpering cucks when it comes to standing up for their own people? Losers. Total utter, self-serving, cowardly, hypocritical, fake losers.

  • I always liked the Kanye West song Black Skinhead. I never thought I’d ever hear him actually speaking like a British skinhead, National Front neo-Nazi from the 1980s but there you go. If the lad has any sneaker deals collapse, I’m sure he could sort something with some bovver boots…

  • If Jews think the response to high profile figures saying antisemitic things is a servile tiptoe trying to gently be their friend and win them over you’re wrong. You need to publicly take them on and defeat their bullshit and show we’re not to be fucked with.

  • If us Jews know the truth of what’s what and who we are, we will weather any storm: all of which eventually pass. Of course changing attitudes and challenging antisemitism in the non-Jewish world is important. But I maintain our internal conversation is most key for our survival.

  • That said: fight. We are so blessed to be surrounded by haters. It means whatever direction you strike you get the glory, honour and mitzvah of making the world a better place.

  • “Be better” is bollocks and it doesn’t work on antisemites. “Fuck you” does. Antisemites are not your friends. Oppose them, defeat them, quarantine their bullshit.

  • If you condemn Kanye West for a tweet declaring war on Jews then you’re going to have to start condemning Hamas and theocratic Palestinian terror groups who want to exterminate every Jew on earth - who openly tell us this is their goal - and who actively attempt to do so. They’re not the ones to back for Palestinian statehood. They’re the ones to back for Jewish extermination.

Lee Kern Substack is a reader-supported publication. You don’t have to become a paid subscriber but boy, it certainly feels encouraging when a new paid subscriber believes what I write has value & helps inch the world (hopefully) towards something better: